I'm a serious multi-tasker, and a huge fan of refer-a-friend. If I am working on a crochet project, one of these apps is open on my phone for an occasional tap. (All of these are Refer-A-Friend links.)

1. Shopkick - Get kicks for mobile shopping, visiting websites, viewing offers, as well as buying certain products (like a coupon) and walking into stores. 95% of the Kicks I get are without spending a dime, and it's fun to walk around the mall or Target scanning things. I have Lilly help me find things on the shelves so she thinks it's fun, too!

2. Lucktastic - mobile app scratch off tickets! Totally free, for watching lots of ads. You'll get extra tokens for downloading some of those apps, and you can also win real money on the scratchers!

3. MyVEGAS - this is going to sound completely bonkers but it's legit: you can actually get real life Vegas comps by playing slots on your phone. I think Francis plays a blackjack version. I seriously set it to autospin while I'm working on my laptop. You can play for free and with real money.

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