Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Temperature Afghan Update!

The month of March was filled with completely starting over on my temperature afghan because somehow, I switched crochet hooks at an undetermined point, and it was going to bug the crap out of me if I didn't fix it. And I wonder why my kid is wailing at me, "It's not PERFECT!" when she can't do something.

Luckily I had the awesome spreadsheet I detailed in the previous post, so it only took me a couple weekends to re-do it and catch up by the end of the month. The bottom is the 1st of January and the top is March 31. Purple was originally "out of town" but next month I have to decide if it is OUT of town, or just "vacation" because we are staycationing at a condo 30 min from our house. What do you think? Does spending the night away from home count as out of town?

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