Monday, February 11, 2019

Saying Goodbye to Another Hater

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post from an acquaintance saying "don't invite me to MLM presentations because they are a scam and no one makes money," and then referenced a couple direct sales businesses who are definitely problematic and tbh I'm thrilled they are being sued. Bad businesses exist in every sector. Seems like once a year or so I end up writing a blog about this just to get some things off my chest.

What really hurts me is that I have been with Jewelscent for almost 6 years, and people who say things like this have seen me paying bills, going on vacation, not paying a babysitter or daycare, and somehow I have time to work Jewelscent and run a travel business. So which is it, am I not making money, or am I scamming people?

I sell a product that is great quality and made by hand, in house, in California. You can buy it or not buy it. We get 20-35% commission depending on monthly sales. No minimum volume or auto-shipments. No expensive kit you have to buy. Where is the scam?

Is it a scam that the owner of the salon you go to rents booths to the person who does your hair or waxing? Is it a scam that my travel host agency takes part of my commission?  Is it a scam that your Realtor gets a commission for selling your house? IT'S SALES. It's a commission job. Why does "direct sales" make people turn up their nose?

Is it the fact that some of us CHOOSE TO build teams? Is it a scam when you get referral money from bringing friends to Ibotta, Little Passports, Dropps, Time4Learning, or literally dozens of companies I could list that will give you credits for bringing friends? That's what social marketing is. Some people are not good at it or are annoying and pushy, just sales people in every industry. That doesn't make the entire business model a predatory scam.

So. What is it, really? You are uncomfortable when you have to say no. I understand, I felt the same way when you, person who says my business is a scam, repeatedly asked me to host a spa party I have zero interest in. Can you imagine, if all those times I was asked bring you clients by hosting a party, instead of just saying "that's not really for me,"  I had posted on Facebook about how your business is a joke and a waste of money? Thankfully, I know that "no" is just a word, and I'm fine with saying it AND hearing it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Morning Box

There is a space of 30-45 min in the morning between when Lilly wakes up and hits the ground running, and when I am cohervent enough to feel like going downstairs. Sometimes she gets books out and "reads" to herself but more often she just whines to go downstairs.

The idea of a "morning box" is not uncommon with homeschooling, but yesterday I saw an Instagram post where the mom talked about them as something available to keep the kids occupied while the parents slept in and THAT was a light bulb moment. Before bed last night I filled a dollar store shoebox with:

* a sticker page torn out of one of her books
* a lacing card from Target
* a notepad and twistable crayons
* a Vampirina pen
* rubber bracelets, and old watch, & sunglasses

This morning she noticed the box and acted like Santa had come when I said it was for her. She opened the box and went through the treasures, which, you'll remember  she already owned,  and kept saying, "oh thank you, thank you so much! I love it!"

So far she has done the lacing card and then used the lace as a fishing line while chatting with imaginary friends, and now she's checking out the notepad & pen. I think now I will be the one telling her it's time to go downstairs and she will be the one who isn't ready!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

February is the worst

It was such a relief to hear I'm not the only one who felt like January was a year long. It's not that it was bad, but there were a lot of challenges, and I feel like I ran a marathon and have been in recovery the past few days. I'm tired & I miss sunshine. 

The past couple weeks I've had that voice nagging in my head, "you said you were going to get back to writing this blog and you wrote two entries and abandoned it. AGAIN." It's not that I forgot or gave up again, I just haven't had any energy. 

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that depression and anxiety doesn't need a cause. There is no why. It's just brain chemistry and lack of sunshine for me this weekend. I had events keeping me indoors while the weather was unseasonably warm. Luckily I will have the opportunity to play hooky tomorrow and I can't wait to soak up some vitamins d.

I found a picture of Lilly from her first feis, before she even took a single lesson, where she was so determined to dance in stage that she was harassing volunteers for a number. May she always go for the no like that. There are a couple pictures of her where I see how fierce she will be and it reminds me to keep swimming. I'm going to lay in bed feeling my feelings tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to dust myself off and seize the day.