Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanksgiving Challege, Week 1 - Ditch the Disposable Swiffer!

Last week, I talked about how convenience (and mom brain) has made it hard to think clearly when it comes to self-sufficiency. I challenged Francis to one year of blogging weekly tips for cutting waste, saving money, and helping the planet. But you know, none of that crunchy liberal hippie shit, just practical tips from the Olden Times. ;)

Let's talk about disposable cleaning products for a sec, shall we? I think many of my weekly tips will probably be on this topic. Disposable cleaning products may be convenient and reduce the ick factor (I get it, I have two big and rowdy dogs), but they don't breakdown in the landfills, nor can they be composted. Plus, every single box you buy is unnecessary packaging, shipping on trucks, etc. I'm not saying you have to throw away your Swiffer mop if you already have one, but consider some more environmentally friendly alternatives to those cloths. Contrary to marketing, they are not magic. A microfiber cloth or a crocheted reusable cover will do the job just as well.

If you are crafty, there are many patterns online for Swiffer Sweeper covers, and I even found one for the Swiffer Duster! If you're not very crafty but would like a reusable Swiffer Sweeper crocheted cover, I can hook you up! Just email me:

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