Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Challenge

Yesterday was one of those days that is depressingly common this past year, where the news just gets to be too much. We dropped Lil off at my parents and went out to dinner, and our discussion of gardening and landscaping plans for 2018 turned towards making our whole house and property more sustainable. We talked about hydroponics and aquaponics, vertical gardening and keyhole gardening, rainbarrels and ponds, extending our backyard fence to make room for chickens, solar for the garage to power the electric car. 
Fast forward to today. It's Thanksgiving, we don't have plans with family today, and there's plenty of food in the house but we didn't really plan ahead for lazy snacking. We have dip mixes but are out of mayo, I'm sad I didn't buy anything to make a pie, we don't have any frozen snacks besides Costco pizza rolls. HEIGHT of privilege happening in this house right now. Francis says, "Well, Target is open." Y'all, I love Target and I do give them a huge chunk of our monthly income, but no, I can't support being open on Thanksgiving. I just can't. Not because I need chips.

"Not because I need chips." That thought actually did go through my head and yet. AND YET. I thought about our conversation last night, and what would happen if there was a global catastrophe and I couldn't go to Target at the drop of a hat. We really like salty snacks in this house. What would we snack on that we could grow ourselves? Could I make crackers and chips? Yes, be embarrassed for me that it didn't occur to me for like 5 minutes that we have a bag of baby potatoes and yes, I can in fact make chips. Mom brain, it's no joke.

As Francis and I sorted through the bag of forgotten potatoes and sliced them for chips, I told him we should challenge ourselves from now until Thanksgiving 2018 to write a blog once a week about replacing one of our lazy or wasteful habits with a new sustainable skill that will save money and help the planet. I hope we can show others that anyone can learn these things and do better!

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