Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gateway Grizzlies

Do you love baseball and want to take your kids, but can't take out a second mortgage for major league stadium prices? Check out the Gateway Grizzlies! Their stadium in Sauget is directly across from the Arch and their ticket, food, and beer prices won't break the bank! You can even get a picnic table for 6 ($36) or 8 ($48) for a casual night with friends.

We attended the opening night game, with the baby, and I couldn't even tell you what team they played. I was there for a) the Best Nachos in Baseball, and b) the Best Burger in Baseball. You may have heard of the burger, a bacon and sharp cheddar number on a Krispie Kreme donut. For some reason I had envisioned this as being sticky, but of course, perfectly sensibly, they cut the donut in half like a bagel and turn it glazed-side in. I could not feel my blood slow in my veins as I expected. It's ... fine. I would eat it again. The nachos, I agree, are the Best Nachos in Baseball. I was skeptical of the philly steak, but they get two high marks from me for the white cheese (I hate that "nacho" cheese) and using red peppers instead of green.

Honorable mention for Best Item Not Labeled Best In Baseball: Funnel Cake Fries.

After we loaded up on the Best, we walked around the rest of the park and realized, holy smokes, the options are endless. We will definitely be going back to sample all the other concessions! Baseball? What baseball?

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