Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Relax in Washington, MO!

Oh man, we fell HARD for Washington this weekend. We'd only been there once before, late in the fall when it was chilly and we were out hunting the last of the STL250 Cakes. We had breakfast at Cowan's and then moved on to some other "outlying" cakes that day. This past Saturday, we had our first weekend where we were ready to travel a bit with the baby and Francis didn't have any Army obligations. We spent the entire week debating where to go - Washington, Hannibal, Hermann, Jefferson City? We thought about taking the train, but Amtrak is really just to expensive for a day trip. Blog reader Yvonne H. laid out a case for Washington and we liked her itinerary, so off we went!

Our first stop was Cowan's, once again. Francis finds their food to be "just ok" but I love this place. The crucial difference, I think, is that breakfast is my favorite food group and nothing makes me happier than "breakfast served all day". Francis will always order a chicken sandwich if it's after 11am. The Cowan Scramble gets two thumbs up from me! We also had fried cheese curds and split a piece of french silk pie.

After brunching, we walked down to the riverfront park and Waterworks Antiques. I'd love to learn more about this building! I get that it was a waterworks, obviously, but it looks like people lived on the second floor, and I want to know how the lower levels functioned. The riverfront park is really nice, and I wish we had something as nice near our house. Great spot for a picnic or just reading a book all afternoon! And if you are a boater, there is a big parking lot and boat launch here.

After feeding the baby at the park, we walked back up to John G's Bier Deck, and this is where we started looking up Washington real estate on our phones. The deck overlooks the river and they have two levels of shady seating and an outdoor bar, and the NICEST outdoor bar restrooms I've ever seen my life. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. They have a bocce court, as well, and there was a large birthday party there with the moms drinking wine, the dads playing bocce, and the kids were so chill I couldn't even tell you what they were doing. Lilly had her first biergarten nap and was very popular with everyone. Everyone was so friendly and we want to go there every weekend now, the end.

(For those on mobile devices who can't view the Picasa slideshow, I'm including the photos at the end now.)

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