Saturday, September 19, 2015

Newsletter: Month Two

Yesterday you turned two months old and I can't believe how much things have changed! You continue to be an excellent baby and we had many adventures this month!

I started off "babywearing" for the sake of convenience, because I find it much easier than a stroller most of the time. It also allows me to work during the day while you nap (and meet up with friends at the winery).  Dad started working at home a couple weeks ago and I started babywearing full time, and what a difference it has made! You sleep much better, are not fussy in the evenings, and naturally assumed a predictable schedule with a normal bedtime. Last week you started sleeping 5+ hours at night and can even put yourself to sleep in your bed. After 4 months of waking up every two hours, this feels like the most restful week of my life, but I still love to hold you for an hour after your early morning feeding.

Memorable Moments:
You started smiling at us and love big noisy smooches on your feet.
You may love the octopus on your Baby Einstein bouncer more than us.
We went to the Zoo for the first time (mainly for mom to walk around).
We went to the Museum of Transportation (again, for mom to walk around).
We went to the top of the Arch at night!
We saw the St Louis Symphony's annual performance on Art Hill
We went to Washington, MO and spent the afternoon on John G's Bier Deck (and Month Three will include more of the same).
We went to Aerie Winery for Val's birthday and met lots of friends. Two months old and you've already been to Grafton twice!
We started Disney Movie Family Night.


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