Friday, September 4, 2015

Anniversary at the Top of the Gateway Arch

This photo was taken at 9pm

Can you take your baby to the top of the Gateway Arch? I don't know about your baby, but for my baby the answer is yes. Longtime fans of our old blog, Craves, Caves, & Graves will remember that Francis and I were married at the top. Every year on our anniversary, we go back to get our souvenir photo at the bottom, and a picture at the top. This year, we still wanted to get the photo, but we didn't want to take a little baby when it was crowded, which was as much for her sake as for everyone else in case it turned out to be a bad plan. After we were married, we shared the elevator down with a baby having a meltdown, and I know that mom was anxious about it. So we went a week early, while summer hours are still in effect.

The baby fell asleep in the elevator on the way up, and didn't wake up until we put her back in the car seat (at which point she had an epic meltdown because she sees being removed from the sling as a betrayal). I would not attempt this any other way besides some sort of wearable carrier. I have no idea what you do with a stroller at the Arch. There were only two other people at the top when we were up there, which is typical of my limited experience. Not many people know it is open until 10pm in the summer!

HOT TIP: The Arch grounds and museum are being renovated right now and it is a MESS. The riverfront is inaccessible and the garage is gone. If you go at night this weekend (you have until Labor Day to take advantage of evening hours), park in the Old Cathedral parking lot. During the day, if they have services, they will tow.

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