Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Newsletter: Month One

Dear Lilly:

One month already! It flew by, and yet seems like forever. Your dad and I say it's like we've always had a baby but forgot to take pictures for the past 4 years.

You came screaming into this world on July 18, 10 hours and 19 minutes after your due date. You were SO CLOSE to sharing your birthday with Disneyland, a fact that our friend Kathy was eagerly anticipating because, as she said, "Think of all the merchandise with her birthday on it!" If only I had known sooner why I would be in labor for 40 hours, we could have sped things up. I'll save the story of the 40 hour labor until after you've had your first child. It's okay, though, even though you missed a Disneyland birthday, your Grandpa Wiltsch is thrilled to share his birthday with you.

You are, as friends say, a magical unicorn baby. You love the ring sling so much that we have to watch the clock to make sure you don't sleep too long, otherwise you will wake up hangry and shrieking like you are on fire, As long as we anticipate meals and naps, we can take you anywhere, and have. We have already been to Stacked twice, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and Grafton, IL to see the Nina & Pinta replica caravels.

Dad was off work for an entire month and if we'd gotten more sleep, I would say it was very much like a vacation.  We started a new travel blog, Franceth Travels, just to share fun adventures for families and the things we learn about traveling with babies, and our favorite daydream right now is that some day our "job" will be sharing our family adventures. For now, we are looking forward to cramming as much weekend adventure into your life as we can manage! We want you to have a childhood full of fun and learning.

We are also so optimistic about traveling with you that we have already booked your first Disney Cruise and trip to Walt Disney World. Mom and Dad have withdrawals if they are away too long, and we can't wait to share it with you!

Fun Facts About Month One:
The Mercy nurses said we are champions at breastfeeding, and you have backed that up by growing like a weed!
When you were born you were small enough to nap on a pillow on my lap, and at the end of month one you are too long to do that anymore.
The dogs are very concerned when you are unhappy.
You have received many, Disney dresses.


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