Friday, June 5, 2015

StitchFix (Maternity) Friday!

This fix is so good, I had to blog it instead of just posting to Facebook. I forgot to set up a fix after my last one shipped, and by the time I remembered, the availability put me at 34 weeks pregnant. I left a note for my stylist that I might be hard to please at this point, but that I was just scheduling one last fix for the fun of it. Blake did such an awesome job! Let us count the ways:

1. Acknowledging that my profile says I'm not afraid of stripes and I prefer fitted to baggy clothing. The magical unicorn pregnancy has continued and I have dropped one, maybe two sizes in pants. I feel cute and am not looking to hide anything! Blake also included a comment about a picture I pinned to Pinterest of my favorite maternity outfit. (It's a girl, Blake! That old wives tale does hold true!)

Loveappella Lace Accent Maternity Top (L) and Gilli Vail Striped Maxi Skirt

That maxi skirt is like StitchFix sent me birthday party clothes! I will definitely be wearing that outfit (tank top is Converse for Target) tomorrow for our BBQ!

2. Blake pointed out things I may not have noticed or thought of, like the fact that this dress is nursing-friendly. You can pull up that top panel! That turned a "maybe" into a "must have"!

La Made Maternity Catina Dress
I would have rejected that dress out of hand if I had just seen it on a hanger because that top panel looks like it wouldn't lay right. This is the best reason to get StitchFix and to try on EVERYTHING they send you, no matter what you THINK it might look like. That top panel is nearly invisible!

3. The whole Fix is versatile for maternity and postpartum wear! Major props to Blake for this, since it may be my last fix before baby. It makes it easy for me to justify keeping pieces I may not have otherwise. 

41Hawthorn Beatrice Exposed Zipper Dolman Top (L) and Romolo Eldridge Geo Cutout Necklace (R)

Look how skinny I look in that top at 34 weeks pregnant! I think the necklace would match the top perfectly, too. Unfortunately, that top is 95% polyester, hand wash, and that is just not going to work in St Louis in July. But the LOOK is perfect. :)

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