Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I thought I would use this blog more for gestational updates, but this pregnancy has been wholly uneventful. No one wants to hear me talk about how I only missed 15 minutes of the Louis CK interview on Fresh Air yesterday for my dentist appointment, or how I haven't had a zit in 7 months, or how despite all the milkshakes and carbs, I have only managed to gain 7 lbs and it may be entirely in my boobs. Throw all the rotten vegetables you want. I understand.

One thing I have really been enjoying is going back to bed in the morning to hang out while this little butternut squash (the pregnancy emails love to compare to vegetables) has her morning jam session. I always wish I could peek inside and if that is actually her head butting me in the side, or if those are hands or feet tickling my hip. This morning she was so weirdly repetitive I kept thinking of Hanna-Barbera cartoon musicians.

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