Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Antique Store Review: Green Shag Market

I asked Facebook for suggestions on what do with this blog, and my friend Val requested antique store reviews, since I tend to make the rounds once or twice a month. Francis started the blog Penguin Ice Bucket some time ago and then dropped it, and then I picked it up for a bit and then decided it should just be incorporated over here.

I'm going to bring the PIB rating scale over here for my reviews. For the uninitiated, we inherited a "penguin ice bucket", aka West Bend Hot/Cold Server, with Franceth Manor. We started seeing them EVERYWHERE. It's really weird to go to an antique store that does not have a Penguin Ice Bucket, and you can tell what sort of store it is by the price tag on the PIB. If it's a fancy antique mall targeted towards people who like to get ideas from catalogs, the PIB is $30+ and the tag definitely says vintage and might also say "rare", which is obviously a bald faced lie. The average PIB price is $22-27. Bargain hunter dream come true antique mall, PIB price of $15.

So as it happens, the first place I hit after Val's request was the Green Shag Market (5733 Manchester Road, St Louis MO 63110), and wouldn't you know it, there was a Penguin Ice Bucket for $22 right when I walked in. This was a great sign, because I hadn't been to Green Shag in some time, and my previous impression was that it was more of the $30 PIB kind of place, with cutesy and carefully curated booths. This totally has its place, but I'm more of a treasure hunter, and a $30 PIB antique mall is where the treasures have already been found, you know what I mean? I was pleased to find that my second trip to Green Shag showed that it had "mellowed" a bit and was now more of a mix of booths. $22 is exactly the kind of PIB price I expect from a "mixed" antique mall. Still plenty of carefully curated booths, as you can see, but also plenty of bargains. I picked up the wood spool for $5 and am going to use it to make a table to go with some kid-size chairs I found elsewhere. The chairs need new seats, so stay tuned for that project!

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