Saturday, February 28, 2015

Disneyland & Jewelscent Leadership Conference!

Last weekend I went to LA for the first annual Jewelscent Leadership Conference! One of the leaders on my team, Kathy, has a daughter who works at Disneyland, and we bonded over our Disney love over the past year. OF COURSE we had to visit Disneyland together! Kathy and her daughter Ryan are the best Disneyland ambassadors you could hope to have, and not only did Kathy get us onto the Lilly Belle presidential train car, she also got us in to meet Anna and Elsa with no Fast Pass. She's a wizard!

Day 2 was our first ever Jewelscent Leadership Conference! The Leadership Team is currently 30 members strong, which is about 1% of the consultant base. About half the Leaders were able to make it to Jewelscent HQ for the conference. It was so great to hang out with all these ladies that I talk to nearly every day, along with meeting so many Jewelscent employees! I love this company and I'm so proud of what we have done in such a short time. Most of all, I love how fired up the Leadership Team has been this past week! 2015 is going to be an amazing year for everyone!

And because people keep demanding bump photos, here's the first one! Before 19 weeks I just looked the same as always. I just couldn't suck it in. I'm so happy this Jewelscent shirt will fit me for awhile!

Monday we find out if we're having a boy or girl! I'm counting down the hours!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Just Call Me Crazy Cat Lady

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this one, where Miss V expresses her disdain for the new leather couch. It's cold and inhospitable to cats, and we are terrible people for replacing the comfy and warm tweed couch. These cats came with Francis and Roy and are bonded to them, so I'm more of a warm body and alternate food person. My lap has never been desirable until this leather couch showed up.

You may have also seen the video about this cat demonstrating her slow feeder, and how I have been reduced to the person who has started referring to the multiple cat meals per day as lunch, tea time, dinner, and sometimes midnight snack (Francis handles breakfast). As a dog person, who spent 8 years living alone with a guard dog who would eat her one bowl of rations only when I was in the shower, I don't even know myself anymore. At the same time, I have kind of embraced the insanity, which is why I decided to have some fun with the leather couch situation when Miss V's demands started interfering with my work day.

Behold the new cat butt warmer. Yes, too much effort went into something that is destined to be puked on, but it was easy, funny, and  freed up some space in my yarn storage rack.

Not 5 minutes after I set it down on the couch. Problem solved, problem staying solved.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Antique Store Review: Green Shag Market

I asked Facebook for suggestions on what do with this blog, and my friend Val requested antique store reviews, since I tend to make the rounds once or twice a month. Francis started the blog Penguin Ice Bucket some time ago and then dropped it, and then I picked it up for a bit and then decided it should just be incorporated over here.

I'm going to bring the PIB rating scale over here for my reviews. For the uninitiated, we inherited a "penguin ice bucket", aka West Bend Hot/Cold Server, with Franceth Manor. We started seeing them EVERYWHERE. It's really weird to go to an antique store that does not have a Penguin Ice Bucket, and you can tell what sort of store it is by the price tag on the PIB. If it's a fancy antique mall targeted towards people who like to get ideas from catalogs, the PIB is $30+ and the tag definitely says vintage and might also say "rare", which is obviously a bald faced lie. The average PIB price is $22-27. Bargain hunter dream come true antique mall, PIB price of $15.

So as it happens, the first place I hit after Val's request was the Green Shag Market (5733 Manchester Road, St Louis MO 63110), and wouldn't you know it, there was a Penguin Ice Bucket for $22 right when I walked in. This was a great sign, because I hadn't been to Green Shag in some time, and my previous impression was that it was more of the $30 PIB kind of place, with cutesy and carefully curated booths. This totally has its place, but I'm more of a treasure hunter, and a $30 PIB antique mall is where the treasures have already been found, you know what I mean? I was pleased to find that my second trip to Green Shag showed that it had "mellowed" a bit and was now more of a mix of booths. $22 is exactly the kind of PIB price I expect from a "mixed" antique mall. Still plenty of carefully curated booths, as you can see, but also plenty of bargains. I picked up the wood spool for $5 and am going to use it to make a table to go with some kid-size chairs I found elsewhere. The chairs need new seats, so stay tuned for that project!