Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Need Bath Crashers

For the second time in a month, I've dreamed about remodeling our bathroom. Actually, this time I dreamed that we FOUND a bathroom, and a whole secret wing of our house. This bathroom was in the process of being remodeled when it was sealed away, and it had one of everything you could want in a bathroom. Sauna, jacuzzi, rain shower, towel warmer, everything. It just needed to be finished, which is so much less daunting than the addition that Matt Muenster and I agreed that we would need to build in my last bathroom dream.

One thing I accepted when we bought a 130 year old house is that there is not much to be done about the first floor bathroom, the one that causes these haunting dreams of luxury. This house probably didn't have indoor plumbing when it was built, and somewhere along the line, someone decided to just build a cube in the middle of the hallway for a very tiny full bath. Rather than build the ceiling all the way up to the second floor, they just used the space above for more storage. I told Francis it's time for a hoarder intervention if I ever say,  "just put that on top of the bathroom."

I have distant memories of thinking I could give it a face-lift so it wouldn't be AS bad, but as I started planning (usually in the shower, staring at the cheap adhesive tub surround with the rough edges covered by a wallpaper border) and researching things like 59" bathtub and tub surround, or 18" sink vanity, I realized it was a fools errand. This bathroom will suck forever unless I take Matt Muenster's dream advice and build an addition on the back of the house instead.

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