Thursday, October 30, 2014

What To Do With Green Tomatoes?

This year the squirrels stole ALL of our ripe tomatoes, and even some green ones. Hector apparently only chases them away from the bird feeder and not the garden. Admittedly, I was not the most attentive gardener this year. I did manage to salvage about 3lbs of green tomatoes, some big and some small, and I was determined to find something interesting to to with them. Here are 5 Green Tomato recipes I found that alternatives to the usual suggestions of fried green tomatoes, tomato relish, and tomato pickles.

1. The most intriguing: Green Tomato Jam that tastes like a fruit. Raspberry, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, whatever you prefer. You won't believe the secret!

2. Green Tomato Cake - You had me at cream cheese icing and walnuts. I loooooooove carrot cake and this is very similar. 

3. Green Tomato Soup - If you are salvaging all your green tomatoes, then it is perfect soup weather! I would probably pick up the tip of cooking it a little longer and blending it with an immersion blender. This one is paleo and gluten free!

4. Mario Batali's Spaghetti with Green Tomatoes - The pesto alone is a killer  recipe. Great reminder that using up green tomatoes does not have to be complicated. I agree with Mario that Parmigiano Reggiano is the undisputed King of Cheeses. Buy fresh and you'll never go back to anything in a shaker.

5. Green Tomato Tart - I like all things quiche-like. I can tell you, though, that I am lazy and would buy a pie crust.

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