Sunday, September 14, 2014

Master Closet Remodel

Whenever I talk to people who want to buy an old house and rehab it slowly, rather than gutting and doing everything at once, I always say that they should live in the house for awhile before deciding their priorities. When we bought this house, I thought my priorities were removing every shred of wood paneling, and remodeling both bathrooms. Now, after 3 years, I desperately want a new kitchen, and a nice bedroom, and this tiny room wore on me in a way I never could have expected.

There are a lot of things this room could be. A lot of people with old houses call it a sick room. We had at one time considered it for a nursery, but it doesn't have heat or A/C. All these years of trying to decide what to do with it, oh, how that plaster "repair" was wearing on my nerves. This is what our contractor did with every crack in the house. Just slathered it with joint compound and called it good. In on area the ceiling was sagging and they acted like we were crazy when we asked them to do a better job. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU REPAIR PLASTER.

I mean, what do you even do with this? Thank god we didn't have this contractor do any more than was required (we had a 203K loan) because we'd surely be doing everything over again, just like we had to do with this room.

Enter Carrera Plaster Restoration! My favorite thing about living in Carondelet is that there is a neighbor for every service you could possibly need. Jason did some repairs in our dining room after we stripped the wallpaper, and we know he was the man for this room when we finally decided our plaster priorities.

Amazing, yes? If you need plaster repairs, make sure to get an actual plaster professional! Now check out our BRAND NEW MAAAAAAAAAASTER CLOSET!

We drove to Schaumberg IKEA last year to pick up the EXPEDIT (now KALLAX) and STOLMEN closet system. The danger with making big purchases at IKEA four hours away is that you are bound to forget some pieces. We were able to get a clothes rod online, but still haven't decided what to do with one of the window panels we bought without the mounting hardware. I'll figure it out when the St Louis IKEA opens. In the back you can also see my hidden litter box project.

Hooray! A clothes rod tall enough for a maxi dress, and Francis is no longer living out of the coat closet on the first floor. I still need more glass heads for our Disney ears, so if you see one for $50 or less, send me a tip!

Next up: master bedroom!

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