Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hide the Litter Box in an Old Trunk!

I'm a couple weeks behind schedule on this project, but here's phase one of our new walk in closet: hide the litter box. Since we started this closet project 6 months ago, the litter box has been in the guest bedroom, "temporarily". Temporarily, as in, there's no litter mat and I am tired of having to put on sandals to walk through that room, because you just cannot vacuum every speck of litter up off of 130 year old pine floors. The other problem is that in this house, a plain old litter box is 100% accessible to dogs. I was almost asleep last night when I had to holler at Phoenix to get back in the bedroom because she had gone for a "midnight snack". 

So I found this box at an antique mall. Let's not talk about how much I paid for it. I thought it was half off, and it wasn't, but I'd already designed the whole project in my head and it was just too late, ok?

Look how cool it is on the inside! That tray lifts out. I haven't decided what too do with it yet (I bet Deanna will have ideas).

There is another box nailed to the bottom, so I pried it out.

Then I measured and drew out a hole for access and two holes on top for light/ventilation. I measured our standard litter box hood and then made the hole 1" taller and 1" wider because we have a tank of a Bombay cat and I was feeling generous.

See? He is huge.

As Eddie Izzard would say, "ET VOILA!" 

No more midnight snacks for dogs, and now the cats have a walk-off area inside the box and a litter mat outside of the box. And there is a little sneak peek at the walk in closet. More to follow!

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