Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crochet Washcloth Obsession & Jewelscent

Last Friday was my last day working in an office. Since I started Craves, Caves & Graves 6 years ago, I have wanted to do nothing more than write that blog full time. Francis has been the perfect partner to make this a reality, since photography is his job, and he taught me to pay more attention to what I am doing instead of just blindly pressing the button like a tourist.

That, in turn, has helped me with improving my social media skills, which lead to Jewelscent, a new direct sales company with a social network business model. All you have to do is share your referral link. Perfect for me, because the end goal here was to always have my weekends free to travel with my husband. I managed my team from a Disney cruise ship last month, so if that's not proof you can do a job anywhere, I don't know what is.

After 9 months of working my tail off, I decided that it was time to take the leap, and spend the summer building up all of my websites. This one in particular is one I've wanted to make better use of since using it as a wedding site last year. We always have projects going on, and I hope to use it to keep friends and family updated.

My first project was relaxation. I have had almost no time for reading books or working on crafts in the past year. Last week I bought some cotton yarn and made a couple washcloths.

I am easily addicted to the instant gratification of simple and fast crochet projects, so the next thing I knew I was at Joanns buying more cotton yarn.

So many colors! So many ideas for color-coordinating gift sets! Next thing I knew, I was binge watching Orange is the New Black for 3 days straight and making washcloths.

Of course, I could sell these but the pricing on Etsy is horrifying. Crafters, your time IS worth money. You will never make a living doing what you love if you price your goods to cover materials only! Stop paying yourself like a sweatshop worker!

I do have a craft fair coming up in August where I will be selling gift packs of Jewelscent and spa cloths, but meanwhile, if you buy one scrub or two soaps via my link this month, I will send you a washcloth FOR FREE! 

Next up on the Franceth Manor project list: Finishing Francis's closet. I have set myself an ambitious goal of posting about that next week. Can I finish painting and assemble IKEA furniture that fast? Stay tuned!

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